Neighbors in Need of a Helping Hand

     Since Tuesday of this week, people in San Diego have been experiencing a horror and tragedy that is essentially impossible to relate to unless you have been through it. Wild fires are terrifying natural disasters that show up without warning and turn worlds upside down just as quickly. I cannot even describe to you what it’s like to be going about your business one minute, and seeing flames and smoke shooting up far too close to your backyard the next. You spend a few moments in shock – your head racing, trying to make sense of what just started happening and what you’ll have to do. And then, you just go. Your favorite shirt that you wear all the time, the comfortable chair in your living room you think you couldn’t go a day without, even the pictures hanging on your walls that bring you comfort and remind you of happy memories, are all suddenly meaningless. Everything gets put into perspective real fast. You grab people, pets, wallets, and then if there’s time, as many pictures as you can hold in one hand – and you run. And that’s generally a best-case scenario. For those people running errands or at work, they may not get to rescue anything at home at all. It’s a horrible sinking feeling and the worst part is, it is totally out of your control and you know it.

     While all natural disasters can be equally devastating in their end result, few have the no-notice component that wild fires do. But in spite of all of this, the people of San Diego have been remarkably calm and thankful for what they do have. Even those who have lost their homes and virtually everything in them have realized that their lives and the lives of their loved ones and pets are the important things. I have yet to hear one person, staring at the ruins of their home, not thank the firefighters for their efforts or verbalize that things can be replaced. These are truly humbled people who have all realized what is really valuable in life.

     I invite all of you to share this – and whether it is with a comforting comment below or a donation to help with the continued fight and ensuing recovery efforts (information below), please let the people of San Diego know that you are thinking of them. Even if for no other reason than you may need their thoughts, prayers and support one day, too.

     Thank you – to all of the brave firefighters, first responders, military units and volunteers doing what they can to make a difference and lend a helping hand!

Donation Information:

Please click the link, which will take you to San Diego’s local 10 News website. Information is listed there:


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